Building Services Engineering (Level 5)

  • Company

    AECOM, Farrans, WYG

  • Location

    Dependent on Employer

  • Starting Salary

    £15,500 – £18,000

  • Hours

    Dependent on Employer

  • Closing date


A Workplus Apprenticeship fast tracks you into a career where you can learn as you earn. Full–time study isn’t the best route for many. Learning on the job gives you an edge, a purpose and a part to play in a rapidly changing world. While others are pondering their next move, you are getting on with it – new skills, new experiences, new networks, new friends and a sense of independence that gets you where you want to be. This is your future.You’ll use your skills to become a building services engineer that is responsible for the design, installation, operation and monitoring of the technical services in buildings in order to ensure their safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly operation. Find out more about building services engineering at


Entry requirements available here for SERC and SWC.You can still apply if you haven’t received your results. If so please add your predicted grades and predicted date when completing your application.

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