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ICONI Software Ltd

ICONI specialise in implementing software solutions to organisations that help change people’s lives. 

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Who we are

ICONI software is based in Belfast and has been helping organisations deliver their support services for over 20 years across the UK and Ireland. With our expertise, methodologies and continuously improved software platform, we can offer innovative solutions for those delivering support programmes.

What we do

Our software platform helps those responsible for the delivery of beneficiary support programmes and it contains everything organisations need to effectively deliver, manage and evidence programmes.  The ICONI platform is used by a range of organisations including the not-for-profit, charity, private and public sector.  It enables them to apply their resources with the greatest effectiveness and efficiency, helping relieve the strategic and operational complexities of support programme delivery.

Employee Benefits

Simply put, we are a company that believes in our people. We believe in empowering and inspiring our staff to be the best that they can be and encourage them to be innovative and learn new things. We have an ambitious and creative team that we support and develop continuously. Our team trusts and respects each other and we all approach tasks with enthusiasm and integrity.  At ICONI we are all passionate about the work we do with the goal of delivering quality, adaptable solutions for our customers while of course having fun while we do it. No matter what the job role is within the company, we all work together towards one common goal, the success of the company.

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