Identifying and nurturing talent that’s right for your company

By Richard Kirk

We know it can be difficult to identify and nurture talent.

Workplus is about more than recruitment. Our employer–led apprenticeships give you the chance to develop the talent you need.

The Workplus easy–to use online portal streamlines the entire recruitment process. We provide a focussed application campaign and data rich applications, making it easier for you to hire.

We’ve already had over 800 apprenticeship applications in 2021 from people who want to start apprenticeships in IT, sales, engineering, admin, marketing, finance etc.

As a Workplus member, you’ll collaborate with educators to shape curricula and apprenticeship pathways relevant to your needs. Workplus companies are culture–changers, attracting more and better applicants. As a member, you will benefit from our work with parents, educators, professional bodies and government.

Together we are radically changing the perception of apprenticeships. And it’s working! 95% of Workplus apprenticeships are now permanent with their employer.

Here is what some of our clients say:

Joanne Lennox, Head of People and Engagement at Farrans:

“For me, a busy HR professional, Workplus is easy and represents good value for money. No trawling through CVs, no advertising and I don’t have to dedicate as much resource or time to recruiting apprentices.

“The Workplus platform manages the applications and makes shortlisting very straight–forward. More than that, it’s also about advocacy and influencing government, colleges and universities with the message that industry must be central to the apprenticeship conversation.”

You can read Joanne’s full blog here.

Bill Gowdy OBE, Civil Engineering Consultant, McAdam Design

“Workplus has provided a number of benefits for us. It enables us to select some very good talent from the student body. We can tailor that talent to suit our business needs and indeed plan for the future of the business.”

Sound interesting? Join us from 13:00–14:00 on Wednesday 24 February to find out how you can get involved.


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