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Workplus Apprenticeships provide you with talent that can be moulded to fit your exact needs. Apprentices learn in real–time, absorb knowledge and quickly begin to shape your business. All the while they are part of the Workplus network of apprentices, building confidence and accelerating their learning and adding value to your business. This is the future.

Since 2016 Workplus has helped 130 apprentices into work across 30 companies and the great news is that 95% are still in post or have gone on to full-time work with their employer! It’s clear apprentices and employers are committing to each other for the long-term.


Workplus has helped 130 apprentices into work


Across 30 companies


95% of apprentices are still in their post or in full-time work with their employer

The number of 21 year olds will continue to decline until 2024.

Apprenticeships can bridge your supply and demand gap by developing a new talent pool. Apprentices in priority skills sectors in Northern Ireland can be any age. You can use apprenticeships to recruit straight from school, up–skill existing staff or employ new talent from other sectors. Visit NISRA for more details.

How it works

How it works
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    Workplus helps you work with other employers to lead on apprenticeships. As a collaborative group, you'll work with colleges and universities to create apprenticeship pathways that are relevant to industry needs.

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    Workplus helps you reach everyone with the good news that apprenticeships are the future of work and education.

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    Workplus works with schools, careers advisors and principals to help them see that apprenticeships are the best way for their young people to continue their education and get into work.

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    Workplus helps build professional qualifications into apprenticeships, adding more value to you and your apprentice.

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    Rather than employers promoting opportunities at different times of the year, Workplus provides a focussed application campaign from January to February to maximise impact. Applicants apply through Workplus and you then shortlist and select as you would any other new recruit.

Join other employers in developing talent through apprenticeships


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