Why we posted wildflower seeds around Northern Ireland

By Kathryn Kirk, Workplus

Last week, businesses across Northern Ireland received an envelope. Inside was a letter, which is to be expected, but there was also a biodegradable card packed full of wildflower seeds.

We sent the seeds as a thought–provoking metaphor of the future workforce of the businesses who received them. In this challenging labour market, we want to help businesses in Northern Ireland see that apprenticeships are the best way to find and develop talent.

The formula is tried and tested. We’ve worked with over 100 organisations across various sectors since 2019, helping them raise their profile in schools, develop work experience programmes, and find new talent through apprenticeships.


Finance, software, construction, accountancy, administration; we’ve seen first–hand that the combination of learning on the job alongside completing a government–funded qualification works exceptionally well for both the employer and the apprentice. The employer gets a team member trained exactly the way that works best for them, with a higher–than–average level of retention. The apprentice starts earning in a career that they’ve chosen, and doesn’t have to take a student loan. 

Sounds great! So, why don’t more businesses embrace this model?

The most common barrier that we come across is not knowing where to start. At Workplus, we help businesses navigate the best way to grow future talent! That’s why we sent out those seeds – to remind business leaders that it’s time to start planting early careers development processes.

Grow Your Own Future Talent   

If you’re interested in exploring what an apprenticeship pathway could look like in your organisation, we’d love to see you at our Grow Your Own event — a breakfast seminar on growing talent through apprenticeships, from 9:00–10:30 on Thursday 17 November at Ormeau Baths. 

Register here

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