Fintech is so dynamic

By Kathryn Kirk

Allana Campbell is from Magherafelt and is doing an HLA in FinTech at technology software company Funds–Axis. She explains why her greatest achievement so far is securing an apprenticeship in FinTech.

I attended St Mary’s Grammar School in Magherafelt and decided early on in sixth form that I wanted to do an apprenticeship. I studied Maths, Physics and Business Studies at ‘A’ Level and was keen to pursue a career that applied Maths and Business to the IT sector. That led me to explore and apply for opportunities within FinTech.

Being accepted onto the HLA course in FinTech felt like a huge achievement. I knew I wanted to work after leaving school as well as pursue higher education.

FinTech isn’t just about computing, we learn all about finance, data management, AI, human interaction and business analysis – and you’re able to pursue a career in any of these areas. It’s such a great mix and an incredibly dynamic industry to be a part of.

I’ve already got so much exposure to a large amount of tool and technologies. I’m working with other apprentices and get great support from them as well as my older colleagues.

Doing an apprenticeship has given me such a great start

I’m really enjoying it. It feels like a ‘win – win’ – in four years I’ll have a degree as well as 4 years’ work experience in a fantastic company which is operating across the world. Added to that, I’ll have no student debt, and set up for a future career.

My salary allows me a lot of freedom and I have all be benefits of being an employee at Funds–Axis. This includes annual leave so it’s great to be able to make travel and holiday plans.

I’d really encourage people to look into apprenticeships. I’m so glad I did when I was 17! At the start, an apprenticeship felt quite daunting – the prospect of work and study – but it has been totally worth it. Yes, it’s a lot of hard work but it’s so rewarding.

When I think about my future, I feel this pathway has given me an amazing head start. It feels like Funds–Axis is as invested in my future as I am, as well as willing and helping me to succeed every step of the way.

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