Meet Kerry Mcllwaine, Head of Client Services Customer Management at AIB

By Kerry McIlwaine

Here is what Kerry had to say…

 ”As someone who has been working for AIB since I left school at 18, I take pride in my role as a mentor for the AIB Apprenticeship scheme.
 I currently mentor three apprentices within my team – one second–year apprentice and two new recruits. Our team covers everything from opening new accounts for customers, setting up Internet business banking, answering queries, and taking care of all aspects of opening an account for new customers.”

 ”I’ve been working with the apprentices from the beginning of our involvement with the scheme. Stuart was one of our first apprentices; I helped him settle into the role and the wider business and ensured his work aligned with his degree.”


Current AIB apprentice, Stuart
Current AIB apprentice, Stuart

 “I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside all the apprentices on my team. They all have a really good work ethic and made a fantastic contribution to the team. They are young and have never been in this work environment before, so a big part of my role is supporting them when it comes to settling in in the office and helping with the balancing act of working, studying and completing their assignments.”

 ”Our apprentices are put into a team for the entire duration of their studies. My apprentices are studying Customer Operations, which aligns perfectly with our team and our work in Customer Service and Customer Experience. The practical aspect of their jobs has had a really positive impact on their assignments. They are able to draw from personal and practical on–the–job experience and apply that knowledge.”

 ”We try our best to provide opportunities for our apprentices to step out of their comfort zone and achieve personal growth. Not only is their work assessed by the same sort of performance review process as everyone else, but they are given opportunities to chair meetings, take the lead in certain things and meet objectives just like any member of the team.”


“I’d encourage anyone to apply for an apprenticeship, and I wish that this sort of thing had been talked about more when my own kids were leaving school. AIB is a great place to work. Everyone supports our apprentices and will give them a helping hand. The work itself is incredibly varied and offers a strong foundation for working life. Even within my own team, our apprentices could go down a number of routes, from account onboarding to compliance; and outside of my team you have corporate banking, mortgages or even legal or HR. The world is their oyster depending on where their interests lie.”


“For us, running this apprenticeship scheme in partnership with Workplus has been incredibly smooth. I have a diverse team of 29 people, ranging in ages from 18–year–old apprentices to those who have spent a lifetime in banking, this breadth of experience brings different dynamics and knowledge to the office. Our apprentices have brought fresh thinking and energy, which everyone has benefitted from.”


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