For over four decades, Sammon has provided project management and quantity surveying services on landmark construction projects across Ireland and the UK; many of which have achieved enduring success.

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HEAR from the employer...

"I manage a great team of UK & Ireland based PM+QS consultants. I view a project with a client mind-set, but with the strategic advantage offered by a sense of perspective as an outside party, it is what sets me and my team apart."

Austin Sammon
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"Working with Sammon has been a great experience for me, not only am I getting real life technical and on site practice in the industry which will help with my future career prospects but I am also earning a salary whilst doing so. I am constantly developing my skills every day and as this is a training practice, I am also completing my RICS APC chartership through a structured training programme. I feel supported with my studies and overall experience of the construction industry."

Sophie Smyth
Assistant Quantity Surveyor

"I have really enjoyed learning new skills and information during my placement year at Sammon. I am often given tasks such as measurement of architect and engineers drawings, preparing financial reports, cost plans, tender documents and BoQs amongst other things. All of this will help me with my studies and future career prospects. "

Gavin McGee
Quantity Surveying Placement Student

A bit MORE about us...

Who we are

Sammon is an independent UK and Ireland based practice of chartered surveyors. Offering a unique blend of knowledge and professionalism, aimed at helping clients get the best results for their money on construction projects. We have a network of supporting disciplines across a range of services.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results for Clients. Over the years, through varied market conditions, SAMMON has been providing specialist support to our clients in what is often a complex and high-risk environment.

What we do

Sammons service is focused on achieving agreed outcomes. The core aim of Sammon is to help deliver total efficiency to clients, in turn facilitating the delivery of world class services.

Sammon provide a range of services including;

Real Estate Support;

  • Technical Due Diligence- providing the tools to understand the true costs and risks associated with the property

  • Independent Monitoring Surveying- Helping to safeguard capital investment in real estate investment

  • Project Audit- Providing independent assurance that projects are on the right footing or alerting the client to those issues which require improvement

Project Management;

  • Project Management/Project co-ordination-Responsible for advising the overall project strategy, selecting the designers and contractors and managing them for the successful delivery of the project

  • Employers Agent-Undertaking duties on behalf of the employer under a Design & Build Contract e.g. drafting the employers requirements, preparing contract documentation and post contract administration

  • Contract Administrator- Administering and certifying according to the terms of the building contract. Allowing designers to concentrate on design, Sammon deal with the contractual and financial aspects of the project

  • Independent Certifier- As the independent certifying officer, Sammon act impartially between parties to a development agreement, certifying in accordance with the terms of agreement.

  • Development Management-Whether the objective is to make profit or deliver a regeneration benefit, Sammon successfully manage all aspects of the development process

  • Programme Management-Review portfolios of projects, identify key dependencies between projects, set up workable plans and priorities and manage and control the process

  • Project Audit- Providing independent assurance that the project is on the right footing or will alert the client to issues which require improvement

  • Post project Evaluation-Assess completed projects to provide an independent structured review of the projects performance

Quantity Surveying;

  • Pre-investment Analysis; including benchmarking, financial appraisals, development programmes, cash flow forecasts

  • Planning investments; including procurement and contract arrangements, cost plans, cost checks, change management, risk and contingency management, cost reports, design efficiencies, strategic procurement, tender documentation and evaluation, value management and value engineering, risk and opportunity management, whole life costing

  • Assisting with making investments; including cost control, change management, risk and contingency management, building services cost control, payment recommendations and tracking, construction contract documentation and advice

  • Guarding investments; including reinstatement cost assessments, capital allowance, BPRA and post project evaluation

Employee Benefits

The role of a PQS is evolving, it is a great time to join the construction industry. We recognize these changes and are dedicated to adaptation and development in order to fit the needs of the industry. The company has invested majorly into the most up to date technologies and software and is at the forefront of technology in terms of consultancy.

We are interested in employing individuals who are willing to learn and bring fresh ideas to the professional practice, in return you will receive invaluable knowledge from existing professionals and training opportunities to help you develop the skills for a successful career in a prosperous industry.

The role of PQS offers a unique balance of outdoor site work and office based work as well as allowing us to have a large input in the construction process and project life cycles across the ROI and UK.

We are RICS regulated. Two of our Directors are assessors for the RICS chartered exams.
We work in a lively building in the Clarendon Street conservation area.
Regeneration project: Brooke Park (award winning).
Healthcare project: Acute Mental Health Inpatient Facility (award winning)
Healthcare project: Maternity wards.
Residential/Regeneration project: Titanic Hotel, Liverpool.
Public/Cultural project: Regional Cultural Centre (award winning)

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