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IPC Mouldings

IPC Mouldings is committed to the provision of supply chain excellence in design, manufacture, repair service, CNC machined and injection moulded components to customer specified requirements. Injection moulding expertise is our core strength, and this has ensured our success as a chosen supplier for customers operating across a range of industries, which include medical, aerospace and electronics.  Based in Carrickfergus, Greater Belfast, we are a trusted supply chain partner with a clear understanding of customer requirements. We deliver over 2.5 million parts per year across global locations.

19Y Kilroot Park,
Carrickfergus, BT38 7PR

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HEAR from the employer...

''Next time you are flying consider this - from Economy through to Super First Class, it's very probable the seat you are sitting on includes parts manufactured in Northern Ireland by IPC Mouldings''

Joanne Liddle
Managing Director
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A bit MORE about us...

Who we are

We are an award-winning leading provider of injection moulded parts and engineering assemblies for the most demanding of applications, supporting product whole life from tool design and manufacture, through to production requirements and aftermarket demand.

What we do

Injection Moulding is at the heart of what we do at IPC Mouldings. An SC21 Gold award-winning manufacturer of technical plastic components, we have perfected the services we provide to our global customer base over the years, combining our knowledge and expertise with high quality performance and service.

We are an organisation of people passionate about quality, who use their tools, ideas, and expertise to make our business progress and succeed. We are a technical business, which is driven by technical people who are passionate about the work that we do. 

Employee Benefits

Our success at IPC Mouldings is attributed to our people. Thanks to our team’s dedication, commitment and contribution, they have helped us to become one of Northern Ireland’s leading injection moulding companies, and the best supplier that we can be to our customers. We’re always on the lookout for like-minded, passionate, creative, focussed and determined people to join our team.

We are passionate about and committed to developing our people through ongoing training and exposure to different areas of the business.

Why not take a look at our website to find out more about our company:

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