BeFIT Personal Training

BeFIT Personal Training

BeFIT aspires to empower women to discover their happiest, healthiest and best self through regular, fun, challenging and dynamic exercise. We provide a safe, energetic, supportive environment with knowledgeable, professional and compassionate trainers resulting in a strong, welcoming and inspiring community.

Larne, BT40 1RQ

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A bit MORE about us...

Who we are

We are a female only gym based in Larne. The reason we exist is .... To enhance the quality of people's lives through fitness & belonging. Our goal is to create real physical and mental transformations whilst also becoming the third place and valued community for each of our members.

What we do

We offer small group personal training, 1-1 personal training, large group classes and online coaching.

Employee Benefits

One of the benefits of working as an apprentice coach in our female-only gym is the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a supportive environment tailored specifically to the needs and preferences of female clients. You will be guided every step of the way and learn from 18 years of experience on how to get the best possible results for your clients. You will learn and gain experience in many different class formats and know exactly what nutrition advice, guidance and targets to prescribe to our members.
You will also become part of our amazing community!

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