Helping the world’s top innovators bring the future to market.

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HEAR from the employer...

After successfully hiring 2 excellent apprentices from WorkPlus last year, we are on the lookout again for exceptional talent to join our company. We love to see people succeed and have created an environment to support aspirations and growth.

Stefanie Brooks
Head of People
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The work+ scheme has been great so far, I've really enjoyed being able to learn in university and also use that knowledge in my job on a daily basis. Through lectures and experience gained while working in a team with other developers I've grown a lot as an engineer already in the past few months. Instil has been a great environment for learning and the support has been excellent company wide. I'm really looking forward to my future here.

Caleb Wilson
Apprentice Software Engineer

Being an apprentice with Instil feels a bit like cheating in a game, you’re 18 and only just starting out and yet you’ve got a full-time salary, private healthcare, a company ski trip and lots more benefits right from the start. It feels a bit like you’ve got an unfair head start on everyone else but it’s not really unfair as anyone else could be doing it too. Instil’s main priority always seems to be to look after their employees which is why there’s such a supportive and collaborative culture. This, combined with the people who work there, are the best things about working for Instil.

Oscar Daly
Apprentice Software Engineer

A bit MORE about us...

Who we are

Instil is a bespoke software development and training company based in Belfast. Formed in 2005, Instil helps the world’s top innovators bring the future to market. Our mission is to deliver transformational software products and learning experiences into the hands and heart of every client. It’s something that we take very seriously.

We work closely with clients across a range of domains including Medical, Fintech, Audio and Security to craft solutions for challenging problems across a variety of domains, to rescue projects in trouble, to advise, lead and train other software teams to success.

We are passionate about creating software products that people love to use. Everything we do is underpinned by a deep culture of software engineering excellence, attention to detail and quality at all levels.

Most importantly, we strive for a relaxed culture and encourage our team to maintain a healthy work–life balance.

What we do

All our work is underwritten by a culture of product and engineering excellence. As such, we place enormous emphasis on process, design, user experience, code quality, automation, feedback, testing, and the day–today practices that help create great software.

We are firm advocates of community and sharing, and run two of the largest tech meetups in the Belfast area, Bash and the Kotlin Belfast User Group (KBUG). We also speak and deliver workshops into conferences globally, contribute content for sites like DZone and InfoQ, and have run our own conferences in the past.

Employee Benefits

  • Competitive Salary – Comprehensive remuneration & bonus

  • Mac Book Pro

  • Personal Hardware Budget – Hardware spend

  • Training & Conferences – Annual personal training and learning budget

  • Bike to Work Scheme – With matching showers & bike shed

  • 35 Days Annual Leave – 4 public holidays & 31 days to do your thing

  • Health & Life – Health insurance & complimentary life assurance

  • Flexible Working – Because being in one location, 9 to 5 doesn’t always cut it

  • World class training team


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